Social Media Project


We are developing revolutionary social media “SIRWATUL MUSTAAQIM”. Which will be the strongest media for the voiceless and for the persecuted community. It’s not only a social media but also a hub of super knowledge. Everyone will get amazing knowledge from “SIRWATUL MUSTAAQIM”.

“Sirwatul Mustaqeem” reveals its identity on a social media application, but which is more than social media."Sirwatul Mustaqeem" The true way indicator for the new generation.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • To give People the power to build meaningful communities.
  • To bring the different communities closer together and make the world more open & connected.
  • To reach the every person in the world via our information sharing platform.
  • To share ideas, offer support in many ways and make a difference by creating meaningful conversations.
  • To share and express what truly matters to the people.
  • Create and organize the useful information for Everyone and make it universally accessible.
  • To stay connected with friends and family members and increase family ties in this digital world.
  • To discover what’s going on in the world.
  • To create a robust platform for all where Everyone will have right freedom of expression.
  • To Empower Everyone to build meaningful communities